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BWOOD x Dubliner

The Ultimate Drinking Jacket to celebrate the heritage of partnerships between Dublin & New York City, crafted using upcycled materials in NYC by creator and designer Brian Wood (B Wood) in collaboration with Dubliner Irish whiskey.

Tapping into the creative energy of Wood’s longstanding history in streetwear design, the partnership is reflective of Dubliner’s unpretentious personality, while exuding the premium quality that the whiskey is renowned for. 

Like Dubliner, B Wood is unabashedly bold with its products and designs, making Brian Wood the perfect collaborator for this project. The B Wood x Dubliner Drinking jacket uses an upcycled, work jacket silhouette that features a crest-style logo that blends the Dubliner Irish Whiskey logo and Wood’s own family crest on the front. The signature plaid of the City of Dublin is incorporated into B Wood’s signature “ghost” design on the back. The jacket sleeve is emblazoned with the “Live Gooney Die Saint” expression that’s featured on many of B Wood’s designs.

“This fashion collaboration with Brian speaks to how we experience the new Dublin – a city undergoing a revival spearheaded by millennials and younger creatives – those who we believe to be the next generation of whiskey connoisseurs” states Martin Peters, North American Marketing Director for Quintessential Brands Group.

A limited supply of the B Wood x Dubliner drinking jacket will be available to purchase on beginning on December 1, 2021.