The Distillery

The distillery building dates back to the 1700s and is a testament to the industry of the Liberties area. Originally designed as a mill, the distillery was primarily a tannery which specialised in curing rabbit skins for many years and is a prominent fixture in the story of the historic Liberties quarter of Dublin city.

The building tells a centuries-old story which today, as the Liberties area evolves further, is in many ways reminiscent of the heyday of masterful Dublin whiskey-making.

The Distillery is a state of the art craft Irish whiskey distillery which also hosts an exceptional visitor experience and brand home for our Irish whiskeys. The distillery will craft 100% malted barley for our whiskey brands, the award-winning Dubliner and Dublin Liberties whiskeys.

Appetite for Distillation

The Dublin Liberties distillery boasts six tonne mashing, triple distillation with capacity for 10k litres in the first still and 6k litres in the second and third still, and capacity to produce over 700,000 litres of whiskey annually. We source all our malt from Irish farmers and draw our water from our own well within the distillery, which fell as rainwater here over 10,000 years ago.

Don’t Rush Greatness

We have specified our yeast strain, and while our fermentation and distillation take longer than most, we believe it produces an unparalleled spirit, perfect for making Irish whiskey. Our whiskey is matured in special whiskey warehouses, managed by our dynamic team until the whiskey is ready to be released. Irish Whiskey needs a minimum of three years to mature, but we will leave our premium whiskey to age for longer. We age our whiskey in a variety of casks and also create bespoke finishes for our different whiskey variants.

What are we listening to?


Megan Byrne

John Park

Master Distiller

James Di Giulio

Caitriona MacAleese

Paul Wilson

Christopher Goggins

Meet the Lads

Pucker up for a collection of Dublin’s finest. Our range of Irish whiskeys and liqueurs share a commonality of being dreamt and distilled in Dublin 8, with no corner cut or compromise made in their care.